YKB and his enchanting new single “SAN SIRO” on MARS Records. YKB Bringing together his effortless art of storytelling, merged with his hypnotizing vocals, singer-songwriter he sits smoothly on the production, filled with rich strings and percussion breaks.

With a growing discography YKB has steadily been building his profile in Nigeria. Armed with a passion in wordplay, polished vocal delivery and over the past few years YKB has been homing his artistry. Sitting between the worlds of Indie, R&B, Afrobeats and Pop, YKB has found his sound and space in the global soundscape. 

Born in Ketu, Nigeria YKB grew up with a desire to express himself creatively. Experimenting with in photography, graphic design, and fashion, YKB would find a home in music. Growing up listening to the eclectic sounds of Celine Dion, Lil Wayne, Drake, and many others it was not long before he successfully took a go at music. With the independent release of his project “Before I Blow”, YKB captured the attention of fans, peers, and media alike around the world and amassed over 2 million streams.
YKB is now back with “SAN SIRO”.


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