Still on the journey towards greatness, the Jamaican artist known as SLASHE has been actively blazing a trail in the field of music. Formerly known as Iceman, SLASHE was once a member of The Robert Livingston lead Big Yard Music Group, where he recorded a number of songs which still enjoy radio rotation in Jamaica and other countries to date, some of which include Dancehall Vibes, Rosie, This Way To My Room and Girls Invasion. SLASHE has written songs for artistes such as Shaggy, Gramps Morgan, Brian and Tony Gold, Christopher Martin and others, and has also worked with producers such as Christopher Birch, Steve Locke of Truckback Records, Kurt Riley, DJ Nicco and Richard ‘Shams’ Brownie, to name a few. Currently based at Penthouse Records, headed by music legend Donovan Germain, SLASHE has recorded and released a number of songs which have been receiving solid radio play locally and overseas. “Consider Me,” currently charted on The New York based Foundation Radio Network Show, Jam Jam Party, Your Love Is Life, Might As Well and Friday are some of his Penthouse releases which have gone over well with disc jocks in territories such as California, UK, Amsterdam and Germany, and continue to bring more exposure to the artist. Temptation, his most recent release, has been getting great reviews internationally and continues to garner more interest from various radio personalities and programmes accross the world. The artist believes that a solid music catalogue, consistent work ethic and smart business decisions are key components towards establishing a successful career.

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