Johnny Snyman born 15 September 1983 is a Christian Worship leader, Singer, Musician and Songwriter. Johnny is a devoted family man married to Liezel and together they have three kids Simone Larnelle and Ethan.  Johnny’s passion for singing started during primary school years where he got involved in the localschool choir and in high school he joined a boy group where he further developed his gift by alsopursuing the art of guitar playing.  It was during this time that Johnny’s ministry at church came into fruition where he served asbacking vocal, lead singer and/or guitarist. Johnny is a relentless worshipper & the current worshipleader at God Chasers Church in Ravensmead, under the leadership of Ps Shawn George. He is anatural born worshipper, unashamed to do just that which God lays on his heart. Not only does hecaptivate believers by his natural ability to change the atmosphere he does it with such humility ashe profess that Glory belongs to God. Johnny’s Testimony  Johnny’s mom fell pregnant with him at a very tender age of 21; his father denied paternity and hismom young, hurt and dealing with her own losses enthused his grandparents to take care of him. Hisgrandparents avid Christians were also the catalysts that shaped his future in ministry. AlthoughJohnny had a loving home and a stable childhood, he always had a void; a place set aside for afather. That immense desire to talk to a dad led him to pour himself out to the Father of Fathers. Herealised that whenever he worshiped, he felt complete and thereon forward whenever he worshipshe literally immerse himself into God’s presence. It is his quality time with his heavenly Dad.Johnny’s SongsJohnny composed more than 15 of his own songs and is currently in studio recording 2 singles, WhatKinda Love and You Are Good. He is also working on his EP scheduled for release 2020.  Johnny’s songs were birthed during seasons and seasons and tells a story of gratitude, grace and comfort. 

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