High-energy artiste Esskell is making waves in the music industry. His first record ‘Piggy Bank’ was released in July 2016, followed by another intriguing release called ‘Weh Dem Tek Mi Fa’ in the same year,In 2017 he release Wine And Come Up’,This One Goes Out’,this song is based on a true story and also the ultimate party anthem Pon Di Beach’. His first music video featuring Piggy Bank/Weh Dem Tek Mi Fa was also released that year in 2016.In July 2017 Pon Di Beach video was released response is tremendous, a popular Discjockey in Australia called the song anthem for the rest of the year.Inaddition,people are saying that they like the concept and the dancing in the video. In 2018, This One Goes Out Video and also brand new release Summer Time Again has been getting great responses so far. ‘Piggy Bank, Weh Dem Tek Mi Fa’,Wine And Come Up,This One Goes Out Pon Di Beach and Summer Time Again.They are all getting played on popular radio stations in California, USA, U.K, Switzerland, Germany, Austrailia,Dubai,Africa and also the Netherlands, to name a few. Stephen Kelly AKA Esskell was born on the 16th of July 1986 in the parish of St. Thomas. He attended Seafort High in St. Thomas, which is the renowned school of popular Jamaican artist Popcaan. He grew up with his grandmother who taught him good values and principles which he uses to guide his path in achieving his career in the music industry. He loves spending quality time having fun with his family and friends, who enjoys his humorous personality. He is down-to-earth, caring and loyal. He comes from a blood line of famous music artist as he is related to the infamous Claude Kelly who is a song writer in the USA [Rn B and souls]. Esskell has a passion for music which shows in all his performances, even from an early age of eight years old. He would sing in the bathroom at home, and performed at school concerts and church functions. As he grew older, he became a better singer and was a popular entertainer in his community. He performed at many community functions such as Ghetto Bash and other community socials, where he was deemed one of the crowd’s favourite community artist. He started writing his own songs from the young age of twelve years old. His interest in the music industry became more resolute in 2008, when an artist called Savage performed at a show in St. Thomas. Esskell got the opportunity to speak with Savage after the show, and offered him his CD to listen to. Savage contacted Esskell shortly after, and invited him to visit the record studio called Fagan Fraternity. This studio became a regular hang-out spot for Esskell, and he got the opportunity to record three songs with Savage. In 2008, he left St. Thomas and migrated to Kingston hoping to pursue better music opportunities. He however started working with a company called Novelty Trading, where he met Paul Christie [now a music producer/engineer]. Paul and Esskell became good friends as they shared a common interest of music. They motivated each other and when Paul left the company to pursue his music career, he made a commitment to Esskell to help him to release his first record when he became a Producer/engineer. This dream began to unfold for both, from the year 2015. In 2016 Esskell and Paul recorded several songs, produced from Paul’s rhythms at the Penthouse Record Studio, where Paul works. January 2016 was the turning point of Esskell’s music career as doors of opportunities opened for him. He recorded several songs for release and met renowned artists who inspired him, such as Bounti Killa,Mavado,Wayne Wonder and Buju Banton. Esskell has recorded several unique and fascinating songs of which ‘Piggy Bank’ is the first released. His two songs have thus far set the pace for the release of other captivating songs and a rewarding future for Artist Esskell, in the music industry.


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