This is the story of the lyrics and how it all makes sense with and relates to the matrilineal inheritance and succession system of the Akans of Ghana. The Akans of Ghana have the rational philosophy that it is only your sisters children that can be truly certain to carry the bloodline of the family or clan. Before DNA testing became possible the only way to ensure that the family’s bloodline of succession was through empowering the children of the women. A man’s child with his spouse could possibly belong to another man, but the woman’s child could not be of an outside bloodline. Irrespective of who the father is, the children of the women belong to the family. When your mum can possibly tell you that “your Daddy ain’t your Daddy but your Daddy don’t know”, you will still definitely belong to your mum’s family. There is no bastardy. Women are the only certainty. Men are disposable in a sense. Only the woman truly knows, and that is all that the family, clan, tribe and or people need to know for assurance. Bottom Power has no challenge. It is the Centre and Strength of humanity.
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