The Soundcity MVP Awards Festival (“TheMVPs” or “MVP“) is an event presented by Soundcity TV which awards plaques to musicians and performers across Africa. Since 2007, the winners are chosen by the viewers and fans by visiting #TheMVPs’ website. and a select committee of the industry stakeholder. The first MVPs ceremony will hold on the 29th of December in Lagos, Nigeria. here are the Exclusives pictures from the just ended event in Nigeria. Here are the pictures:4U6A0001 4 34U6A0011 4U6A00104U6A0053 4U6A0027 4U6A00266 5 4U6A007113 11 10 918 17 (1) 16 (1) 15 (1) 14 (1)290A3186 290A3224290A3341 290A3313290A3376 290A3381290A3498

SHINA PETERS - TOKE MAKINWA290A3164 290A3158 290A3120 290A3049 2423 22 21 19OLAMIDE MI ABAGA IMG_1053 290A3568 290A3587 290A3641 290A3679 290A3745290A3517 290A3510 290A3505 290A3498 290A3429290A3334 290A3341 290A3376 290A3381290A3325 290A3313 290A3302 290A3257 290A3235290A3172 290A3173 290A3186 290A3195 290A3224



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