PZEEFIRE takes us on a journey into the mind of an African youth. Born to a very religious parents, that things just had to be done a way. The Godly way. He had dreams of a life on the road and sold out shows. A Pop star not bound by anything under the sun. There was no reason to believe yet he believed and started writing the story of his life in melodies enclosed in rhymes he manifested from the world around him. He finds himself going against almost everything he was taught to believe while in search of his true voice. Trapped in a time-lapse between Abuja and Accra, going deeper into his mind, He found a place to dream, grow and taste life.

A Beautiful Place is a collection of sounds highlighting memories and promises to self on a journey of self love, healing and enjoyment. Pzeefire found a way to face his fears, overcome his burdens, kill insecurities,


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