Moving  from his debut album Free Books Don’t Sell: Volume One, Fast Rising Ghanaian Artist Kiyo Dee spoke about the challenges he had, how he started as a self made producer and moving on to become an artist on the album

Free Books Sold: NepTune Panthera is the continuation of Free Books Don’t Sell: Volume One. He allowed himself the space to get intimate and tell his fans what his life really looks and feels like right now making “New Nonsence” to “Glamour”. These are songs on the album expressing his truths and reminding fans while updating the unaware that “none of this is new”

Love Kiyo or hate him, he has a good and enviable head on his shoulders. Without any particle of doubt he’s one of the current generation’s most “woke” artist with a fresh breathe of new balance music better yet a feel of old school style. When quality is involved, there’s no substitute for it. A quality Kiyo is highly associated with.

you’ll be hypnotized with the songs on the album. You can only understand by purchasing the album.

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